The EtsyMetal Team Blog Carnival theme this month is “What’s In Your Jewelry Box?”.

Well, just so happens I love this subject! My jewelry box is an ever-changing thing. I’ll show you some of what I am currently wearing along with a bit of meaning behind it. Of course this is not everything in my jewel collection, but just a few things that have made it to the front of the box at this moment.

These are a few things made by my dear and extremely talented friends Letitia Hill of Raven Hill Designs and David Lloyd Stewart. The three of us are all born on the 12th day of our birthday months. We are known as Club-12. !!


This colorful necklace was made and given to my by my sister-in-law. It contains silver charms which were part of a charm bracelet belonging to my late mother-in-law. Each and every charm represents a special event in her life. This has a ton of meaning to me and will be passed to my children when I am gone.


Around ten years ago I found jewelry made by Kim Wheeling, an artist in Utah. I fell in love with his Edwardian reproductions and bought as many as I could afford at the time. He has since passed away. These are 18K gold settings with super high quality stones. I LOVE these!


When I was a girl my mother would buy me rings with black onyx and small diamonds. Those rings I lost in my irresponsibly as a youth. I have a very special place in my heart for these old rings. They are usually set in 10K gold, sometimes 14K. I have a small collection and keep adding to it each year. This is one of my absolute favorite styles of jewelry!


I have several pieces that were left to my by relatives, some I have owned since I was a girl and some I have purchased over the years. These pieces fall into one of those categories. I wear these often and love them dearly.


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