I think this one may be my favorites so far.

I found a few of these vintage employee badges from Fisher Body. They were an automobile coach builder founded in 1908 in Detroit. These badges were made by Superior Seal & Stamp Co. This badge is in really great condition and built super strong. Fisher Body (no longer in business) punched a hole in this badge. I have read that after they closed the plant, they punched holes in the badges.  I made a sterling silver grommet for the hole and added a beautiful vintage crystal button set in a handmade sterling silver bezel setting.

Fisher Body has got quite a history. This particular badge is from the Hamilton/Fairfield, Ohio plant which was closed in 1988.

IMG_2017  IMG_2006 IMG_2012 IMG_2010 IMG_2013 IMG_2020


BAW52 # 15 is a lovely little copper “Vector” pin. I’ve placed a sterling silver rivet at “True North”.  Always follow your heart to your own True-North!

I’m giving this one away with the purchase of any of my other BAW52 Brooches. All available pins are listed at Adobe Sol Designs.



Brooch A Week #14

March 28, 2013

One of my favorites so far! This pin  features a fabulous piece of glass coral handmade by Lori Lochner. She is one of my favorite glass artists. All set in sterling silver, I used a sage-green Prehnite cabochon to set off the deep red in the coral. What a great way to wear coral without having to kill it!!

This pin along with all other Brooch-A-Week pins are listed on my website.





Brooch A Week #10

March 15, 2013

This week, for the Brooch A Week Flickr Challenge,  I made a little sterling silver “shapes” pin. The circle and square spin freely. The white topaz is nice and has a lot of fire!



Brooch A Week #9

March 12, 2013

Going back to my recent favorite material… Vintage Buttons, here is BAW #9. I am so addicted to these vintage painted porcelain buttons. They have a life of their own with lovely color pained on by hand, back in the day! This button inspired me to make a simple sterling silver setting, just enough to make the colors pop. An oxidized patinae gives an old world appeal to this modern day brooch:





Hope everyone had a great holiday season!

Please enjoy a one-week sale of 25% off my Vintage button line on etsy! Sale ends on Sunday January 20, 2013. No need for a coupon.

It was a very busy season for me and now that all is “calm” I will be adding new work in the Etsy Shop.

On the bench now:


Work in progress. An absolutely beautiful Laguna Agate with druzy. This is a really big stone and will be made into a very bold necklace!

A few on sale now:



New Work ~ Shop Update

August 30, 2012

I have been busy in the studio! I am starting now to get my shop stocked for the holiday season. Please keep your eye on my Etsy Shop for new items listed each week.  I am planning an end of summer Newsletter subscribers sale in September. Please sign up to receive ASD News to take advantage of some great discounts.

Welcome to our EtsyMetal monthly Blog Carnival!
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This month’s Topic: “What In The World Are You Doing?”
Well now, that’s a loaded question! About 4 months ago I started CrossFit. It is an absolutely amazing, all around fit workout program. Also the sort of workout that leaves you completely exhausted, on the floor shaking at the end of the hour!!  When I first started I could not do one pushup or one pull up. Now I am able to do LOTS of those and so much more. Along with art, it is my passion.
 I will share with you a bit about what I have got on my bench right this minute.
My first priority is to make a “Banjo” pendant for a young girl who has been inspired by music and has larned to play the banjo and LOVES it! I have it on paper and ready to cut the metal.
Next in the que is two of my Vial Pendants. One will contain natural Sleeping Beauty turquoise chips with a large white pearl bezel set on the top. The other will be filled with teeny, tiny watch parts for a very industrial look. I am not sure what I’ll embellish the top with yet but I am thinking of either a watch gear or a faceted stone.
I have some ideas for earrrings. My etsy shop is sorely lacking in earrings and I want to make a few Pairs of bold metal sets. I’ve got the materials and the designs I just need to put my hands into action.
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