CrossFit has been a huge part of my life over the past few years. I’m sure I’ll be doing it for a very long time. It just works for me. I can get a super workout without having to spend several hours each day on the work. I use wrist-wraps, which protect my wrists from injury, when doing weight lifting and certain gymnastics. I learned the hard way while not using them and got a nasty tendon injury some months ago. There are a ton of wraps on the market of various quality. I decided to make a pair specifically to fit my needs. I like  wraps that have sewn seams, not serged edges. Also I like the strings to be longer than most so that I can get a really good wrist support. Well, I got sort of addicted to all of the magnificent fabrics out there and ended up making bunches and bunches of wraps. People at my CrossFit started to ask if I could make them some wraps… one thing has led to another and I have now opened a new etsy shop to sell them to other fitness enthusiasts. I have plenty more that are not yet photographed along with tons more fabric to make more interesting and fabulous designs. here are a few in the shop now. Please be on the lookout for many, many more:






The Clymb

March 23, 2013

I have recently made several purchases form The Clymb and I want to share. First off, I only recommend sites that I have personal experience with and am extremely happy with the products, prices, service and speed of delivery. The Clymb has different products on sale every day (REALLY good prices!). They often get new products and feature top-shelf brands. They carry everthing from casual shoes, snow-sports, Yoga apparel, towels and mats to Crossfit apparel and footwear. I must admit that I am somewhat addicted to the site!

My most recent purchase for CrossFit:


I have used Inov-8s before and really like them for CrossFit. The fit well, are confy for running, great for box jumps and have very little raise from heel to toe. I will let you know how I like this model once I use ’em for a few weeks!