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I live in an adobe house in the great Southwest, USA. New Mexico is a beautiful state which holds a lot of inspiration for me as an artist. From the lovely sunsets, unique New Mexican Cuisine and the Sandia Mountains to the fall Chile harvest, the colors here are warm and amazing.

Pictures tell a thousand words so here is a small pictorial view of where I live:







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This just in my Etsy Shop

A simple classic! This lovely pendant features a 6.5mm white, super lustrous, fresh water pearl. The simplicity of the oxidized (patinaed) sterling silver wire wrapping along with the handmade fine silver accents gives a feminine yet industrial look and texture. A design that never goes out of style.

IMG_1265 IMG_1255

New Website!

February 20, 2013

After several months of pointing my Domain Name to my etsy shop I have finally set up a site on Weebly. I found out about Weebly through conversations in the EtsyMetal forums. I am loving the user-friendly site and have plans to sell some items exclusively there.

Please have a look at Adobe Sol Designs on Weebly! I’d appreciate any comments or questions you may have.


Hope everyone had a great holiday season!

Please enjoy a one-week sale of 25% off my Vintage button line on etsy! Sale ends on Sunday January 20, 2013. No need for a coupon.

It was a very busy season for me and now that all is “calm” I will be adding new work in the Etsy Shop.

On the bench now:


Work in progress. An absolutely beautiful Laguna Agate with druzy. This is a really big stone and will be made into a very bold necklace!

A few on sale now:



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This month’s Topic: EtsyMetal Pets

Enjoy these pictures of some of the animals we have in and around our humble abode. Your comments are welcome!

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New Work ~ Shop Update

August 30, 2012

I have been busy in the studio! I am starting now to get my shop stocked for the holiday season. Please keep your eye on my Etsy Shop for new items listed each week.  I am planning an end of summer Newsletter subscribers sale in September. Please sign up to receive ASD News to take advantage of some great discounts.

Author: Stieg Larsson

This book takes place in Sweden (originally written in Swedish). It is a very complex book with a lot of characters, twists and turns. The story, or at least part of it, is a mystery centered around the disappearance of a young girl in one of Sweden’s wealthiest families (a cold case which happened 40 years ago).  The book is really rich in detail with a quick pace. As you may have guessed, one of the main characters has a dragon tattoo. Lisbeth Salander is a young woman who has led a rather mysterious and interesting life. You find out more about her as the story goes on. I don’t want to say too much and give it away. It is such a pleasure to read and be surprised by the next bit of information. I really enjoyed this book. It is really well written with few paragraphs of filler. I could barely put it down. It left me eager to read the next book in the trilogy. All of the names of people, cities and streets are Swedish. That is the only thing I had a hard time with as unfamiliar names are hard for me to remember. But well worth the time to read!


Starts (1 to 5)    5-Stars!!

I highly recommend this book especially if you like myteries

Welcome to our EtsyMetal monthly Blog Carnival!
Blog Carnival is about a group of our members sharing their experience on a common topic.
This month’s Topic: “The Five senses”
Describe your 5 senses. Which are your favorites and least favorites?
Honestly, I just feel lucky to have all 5 senses. My sense of smell is not as acute as it used to be but I can still hear, see, taste and feel pretty well. As for favorites, I think that seeing beautiful color would rank right up there. As an artist most of my inspiration comes from the things that I see. Hearing a good talk or “talkin’ too” also fuels my artistic endeavors. For shear pleasure, my sense of taste is something I really appreciate. Hearing the birds chirp in the New Mexico mornings is simply magnificent. Of course there is always the texture of touching something that certainly inspires art. The thing about the senses is all of them can conjure up feelings of a past place in time.
It is said that ancient Egyptians believed that humans have the capacity for 360 senses.
Now that would boggle my mind!
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Corrales Bosque Fire

July 23, 2012

Last month there was a big fire in the Bosque  which is the preserved land adjacent the Rio Grande river. Fire officials think it may have been  started by an electric (fake) cigarette.  They just opened the Bosque up so I took my mountain bike back there and shot some pictures. The bike path is still there although now you have to go around a few downed trees.


Some mushrooms growing in a burned tree stump:


Book Title : Big Stone Gap: A Novel

Author : Adriana Trigiani

Big Stone Gap takes place in Virginia, in the small Appalachian town of the title’s name. First off let me just say that I will review this book from a biased position as my parents grew up in Big Stone and this book stirs up some of my best childhood memories. The places and activities that occur in this book are real and I so clearly remember nearly every one of them.

If you are in the mood for a pleasant, upbeat and very well written story, this is a great read for you. The characters are well-developed and they quickly become your friends and acquaintances. The story has a lot of humor and down to earth small town quality.  Although it is not a “gripping drama” story, I found myself looking forward to every word. This is a heart-warming and  inspiring story that touches your heart.

This is book-1 of a trilogy. I will most definitely add the next two books to my “To-Read” list.


Stars (1-5)   5-Stars

I highly recommend this book