Book Review ~ Big Stone Gap

July 14, 2012

Book Title : Big Stone Gap: A Novel

Author : Adriana Trigiani

Big Stone Gap takes place in Virginia, in the small Appalachian town of the title’s name. First off let me just say that I will review this book from a biased position as my parents grew up in Big Stone and this book stirs up some of my best childhood memories. The places and activities that occur in this book are real and I so clearly remember nearly every one of them.

If you are in the mood for a pleasant, upbeat and very well written story, this is a great read for you. The characters are well-developed and they quickly become your friends and acquaintances. The story has a lot of humor and down to earth small town quality.  Although it is not a “gripping drama” story, I found myself looking forward to every word. This is a heart-warming and  inspiring story that touches your heart.

This is book-1 of a trilogy. I will most definitely add the next two books to my “To-Read” list.


Stars (1-5)   5-Stars

I highly recommend this book


2 Responses to “Book Review ~ Big Stone Gap”

  1. emarkasky Says:

    Sounds interesting Rebecca, I will have to read it!!
    I’m originally from Ohio, not all that far away from Virginia!!

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