EtstMetal Team Blog Carnival July 2012

July 2, 2012

Welcome to our EtsyMetal monthly Blog Carnival!
Blog Carnival is about a group of our members sharing their experience on a common topic.
This month’s Topic: “What In The World Are You Doing?”
Well now, that’s a loaded question! About 4 months ago I started CrossFit. It is an absolutely amazing, all around fit workout program. Also the sort of workout that leaves you completely exhausted, on the floor shaking at the end of the hour!!  When I first started I could not do one pushup or one pull up. Now I am able to do LOTS of those and so much more. Along with art, it is my passion.
 I will share with you a bit about what I have got on my bench right this minute.
My first priority is to make a “Banjo” pendant for a young girl who has been inspired by music and has larned to play the banjo and LOVES it! I have it on paper and ready to cut the metal.
Next in the que is two of my Vial Pendants. One will contain natural Sleeping Beauty turquoise chips with a large white pearl bezel set on the top. The other will be filled with teeny, tiny watch parts for a very industrial look. I am not sure what I’ll embellish the top with yet but I am thinking of either a watch gear or a faceted stone.
I have some ideas for earrrings. My etsy shop is sorely lacking in earrings and I want to make a few Pairs of bold metal sets. I’ve got the materials and the designs I just need to put my hands into action.
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2 Responses to “EtstMetal Team Blog Carnival July 2012”

  1. vt Says:

    Go Rebecca GO! you can do it ! I think its great that your current passion is exercise, that is awesome 🙂
    and your banjo pendant will be divine when finished!

  2. Rebecca, my son used to do cross fit when he was around 14 & 15 and I was tired just watching him! I’m totally impressed that you are doing it!!
    And I love the banjo!!

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